Alphabet Phonics Folders

These days there are all kinds of creatively decorated file folders that come in a variety of sizes. The gingham folders shown in this photo are the size of a large recipe card. Make 26 folders – one for each letter of the alphabet. Paste an upper and lower case letter on the inside of the folder along with a picture of something that starts with that letter. Store the folders in a recipe box. Read more »



radKIDS® is dedicated to providing our children with a hands-on, activity-based, physical skill development program—empowering our children with instinctual options they need to recognize, avoid, and if necessary, respond to potential danger.

Pink Tea Parties

From “Aunt Babette’s Cook Book,” 1889

“Pink Teas,” just now so fashionable, are rather novel if carried out to the letter, and an expensive way of entertaining, too; yet, as the old saying is, one might as well be dead as out of fashion.
So all those who wish to be fashionable come and listen, and I will give you a few hints in regard to getting up a ‘Pink Tea.’ As a matter of course the table linen should be pink; the dishes also of a delicate pink shade, which you may borrow for the occasion. Arrange the white cakes on high cake-stands, lined with fancy pink paper, or pink napkins, and put the pink frosted cakes on low cake stands lined with fancy white paper or napkins.

The flowers for decoration must also be of pink. Serve the creams and ices in novel designs made of pink paper, such as baskets, boxes, buckets, freezers, cups and saucers, shells, wheelbarrows, vases, etc. You may procure these and many more beautiful designs at almost any fashionable caterer’s. Each guest should have a pink boutonniere, or a white hyacinth, tied home as souvenirs.

A handsome center-piece for the table is indispensable, so get a large fruit stand and trim it prettily with ferns, smilax and flowers, or have an ornament of spun sugar for a center-piece. If you live where there are no caterers you may try this: make a large nest of macaroons, oval in shape, join the macaroons with sugar boiled until it candies; have this filled with charlotte russe and resting on a rock of spun sugar. You may color the charlotte russe pink; the effect will be beautiful, for the spun sugar will look like crystal. Your waitress should wear a pink cap and a pink apron. Illuminate the table pink ‘fairy lamps’ or a chandelier of candles.


Honeymoon, Autumn Photos

I put up a collection of autumn photos, mostly of me, my mom and Tolga. We had endless fun when my mom visited this month for our wedding. November 2011 has been one of the happiest months of my life, so I’ll celebrate / memorialize it with a photoblog themed with orange, red, brown and yellow – the colors of autumn.  One more blast of autumn love featuring me, my mom and my spectacular new husband!  By the way, the photos of Tolga were taken by me.

Click here for the autumn photo gallery.

Click for more Honeymoon Photos Here 





Our Unique, Romantic, Storybook Wedding

After many wonderful years of being in love and of dreaming that we would one day get married, we finally officially became husband and wife. On 11-11-11, Tolga and I had a storybook, rose-filled, Bohemian wedding at Chameleon Studios, the Moulin Rouge of Las Vegas (in decor anyway.)  We had an aerialist, belly dancers, live performances, Turkish food, dancing and fun, but most importantly, a massive outpouring of love from around the world. Read more »

Vintage floral antique background

Bridal Shower – Hollywood

I’m a little late on posting this, but here are some pics from my crazy fun bridal shower thrown for me in Hollywood by my bridesmaids. The ladies added endless lovely touches, from the flowers to the candles to the decorations in pink, even down to the plastic spoons. The games were fun too – as the pictures will attest. Read more »


I Was a Cutie, No?

Actually, although my family thought I was adorable, my blue cat-eye glasses, lisp and general ugly-ducklingness was irresistible to bullies.  I went through my share of difficulties like millions of others, but I’m glad for it now.  I think that’s why today I have such a tender heart for children who are bullied.

It’s also why I involved my own children in school assemblies we did called “Too Cool to be Cruel.”

Teaching children to be kind to one another and to stand up for the underdog is a cause everyone on the planet should be active in. Granted, it’s not that easy to teach children to be sensitive to the feelings of others when so much of the world thrives on hurting and exploiting one another for personal gain.

But if every parent could be an activist in at least one cause that helps others, ultimately, it would make a difference.


I Performed at England’s Royal Albert Hall. Sort of.

Photoblog: England a couple weeks ago. I met with John Hyde  who showed me around a bit of London to help calm my nerves before my crazy stint at Royal Albert Hall. John is  the talented musician who produced the sparkling children’s songs for my  Gingerbread CD. Read more »


Advertisers Reaching Out to Wired Moms

“As the family’s chief purchasing officer, mothers are VIPs to marketers. And to reach moms, marketers are wise to invest in digital advertising.” eMarketer

The results of a survey regarding advertising to moms was recently published in eMarketer. It turns out that mobile usage is the most common way to reach Moms, even over television. Furthermore, moms want information – 51% of moms said “ads that provide detailed information about how I can use a product” grab their attention. After seeing an online ad, 53% of mothers visited the product web site, and nearly 4 in 10 purchased the product. Read more »

Babes Doing Stuff

A comedian named Travis McFarland has a comical blog called “The Professional Photographer.” In reality, he works hard to take photos and make them look bad – even adding dates after the fact (in Photoshop) to make his photos look like they are from a camera in the 80’s. At any rate, he did the cutest blog about babies!  Check it out here, it’ll make you smile.


Photo Therapy

Since I haven’t posted photos or blogged in forever, I guess it’s obvious that I’ve lost my life spark.  I just haven’t been up to trying to be funny and happy and brimming with ideas when something from the past came into the present, blind-sided me, sent me into an emotional tailspin, and enveloped me in a blanket of darkness and fear. Read more »

Cool Pics by Tolga

christine marie



Motivate Your Child With a Happy Shark!

If you have a young child that doesn’t listen very well, trying motivating him through positive reinforcement, like a sticker chart. A sticker chart is simply a visual graph that help the child to see that he did something he was supposed to do.  This reminds the child that he succeeded once – and that gives him confidence that he can do it again! It also teaches the parent to hunt for and give attention to the child’s positive behaviors, and it shows the child how close he is to accomplishing his goal.

Read more »


Blogging Tips: WordPress Basics

I used to do personalized tutorials on blogging and social media, but I was on the phone so many hours I almost pulled my hair out. in the interest of saving time and helping more moms with their blogs, I’ve decided to publish tips. Read more »


Love, Slices of Life in Vegas, & Alfred Pigeon

As you know, Tolga and I got engaged this week. To celebrate and dream together, Tolga grabbed his camera and we went walking down Las Vegas Blvd. with Tolga snapping photos non-stop.

Read more »

Jesus is Risen - pg. 14

From A Children’s Book I Wrote

Here are couple pieces of artwork from an Easter story children’s book I wrote in my past life as part of an early literacy series. The artist was the lovely Jane Bell. I wrote with the simplicity needed to help emerging readers (children 3-6) succeed at their earliest reading experiences. Each picture has a “featured letter” in the book for the children to search-and-find. Once the children spot the letter (in this book it’s “E” or “e”), the parents were to use that spark of interest to talk about the letter, find words with that letter in it, and play games and do activities that would help the child recognize the letter and master its sound.


Jesus is Risen - pg.11

I just added random pages – maybe I’ll post a whole ebook later.

Jesus is Risen - pg. 14

This is one of my favorite pictures – the flowers, the bunnies, ducks and chickees, the empty tomb – spring beauty symbolizing the renewal of life.


Jesus is Risen - pg. 15


Jesus is Risen - pg. 16

Thinking back on it, it’s incredible how different my spiritual views and mindset are NOW versus when I wrote this. A lot has happened to modify my entire way of thinking about Jesus, but that’s a story for another day.  I will say this though – I finally understand that no one can work their way to Heaven, God is love, and I am free!  Happy Easter.



File Folder Letter Matching Game

Make a homemade file folder game to help children match upper case letters to lower case letters.

To make this game you will need:

  • A file folder
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Sticky velcro Read more »

Easter Bunny Craft

I couldn’t resist. Last night Tolga and I went to AM/PM looking for paper plates so I can make another bunny project, but they had no paper plates. The inventive employee, however, gave me a little stack of hot dog papers instead. I realized they might make perfect bunny ears for a different project, so this is what I came up with: Hotdog paper ears with pink linings glued onto a construction paper tube with cuts as you can see. Tolga, of course, took the photo. (These will also go in the iPad Mommy app when it’s done, by the way).

Bunny Lantern

Forgive the bunny face – you could do much better I am sure.  I just realized it needs a cotton ball for a nose. Add that if you make it! Obviously it’s a variation of what I planned – which I’ve posted in the postcard below.

By the way, if you make any bunny projects yourself, I’d love you to send me a pic.

Love! Christine Marie

Christine Marie's bunny postcard

bunny-basket thumbnail

Homemade Paper Easter Basket & Fingerplay

Make a paper Easter basket and decorate it with your child or grandchild to delight your child’s heart!

This post includes the crafts and directions, along with a fingerplay about sharing.

Bonny Bunny – Fingerplay by Christine Marie ❤

Here is Bonny Bunny

She likes to hop and play.

Here is Billy Bunny

He likes to eat all day.

Bonny said, “I have a snack,

And I would like to share it.”

Billy said, “What could it be?”

And Bonny said, “A carrot!”

Easter basket

Make a paper Easter basket and decorate it with your child or grandchild to delight your child’s heart!


Bonny Bunny fingerplay

Bonny Bunny Fingerplay, by Christine Marie



Handprint Chickee


Here’s a bright, fresh spring project that you can do with your child, (or geek – as in my case since since these are actually Tolga’s handprints.) Labeling art projects will help your child associate writing with fun.  Read more »