From A Children’s Book I Wrote

Jesus is Risen - pg. 14

Here are couple pieces of artwork from an Easter story children’s book I wrote in my past life as part of an early literacy series. The artist was the lovely Jane Bell. I wrote with the simplicity needed to help emerging readers (children 3-6) succeed at their earliest reading experiences. Each picture has a “featured letter” in the book for the children to search-and-find. Once the children spot the letter (in this book it’s “E” or “e”), the parents were to use that spark of interest to talk about the letter, find words with that letter in it, and play games and do activities that would help the child recognize the letter and master its sound.


Jesus is Risen - pg.11

I just added random pages – maybe I’ll post a whole ebook later.

Jesus is Risen - pg. 14

This is one of my favorite pictures – the flowers, the bunnies, ducks and chickees, the empty tomb – spring beauty symbolizing the renewal of life.


Jesus is Risen - pg. 15


Jesus is Risen - pg. 16

Thinking back on it, it’s incredible how different my spiritual views and mindset are NOW versus when I wrote this. A lot has happened to modify my entire way of thinking about Jesus, but that’s a story for another day.  I will say this though – I finally understand that no one can work their way to Heaven, God is love, and I am free!  Happy Easter.


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