Handprint Chickee



Here’s a bright, fresh spring project that you can do with your child, (or geek – as in my case since since these are actually Tolga’s handprints.) Labeling art projects will help your child associate writing with fun.  Proper spelling is NOT required for emerging writers.

1. Simply cut the shape of a large yellow egg out of construction paper. This makes the chick body.

2. Add eyes and a beak.

3. Trace your child’s handprints on construction paper, then cut them out and paste them onto the chick body as wings.

4. Add a literacy touch by encouraging your child to write on the chick.  If your child is too young to write, you can label it or write what your child wants written on the chick – yourself.  Encourage the child to name his chickee, describe where the chickee came from. tell a story about him.

Remember that when your child sees YOU writing on artwork, he will realize that you value writing. He will also watch as you form the letters, so say each letter out loud as you write it.


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