Love, Slices of Life in Vegas, & Alfred Pigeon


As you know, Tolga and I got engaged this week. To celebrate and dream together, Tolga grabbed his camera and we went walking down Las Vegas Blvd. with Tolga snapping photos non-stop.

Christine Marie

As you know, Tolga and I got engaged this week. To celebrate and dream together, Tolga grabbed

his camera and we went walking down Las Vegas Blvd. with Tolga snapping photos non-stop.

Christine Marie

We talked & planned while he took pics of me, but Mr. Photo wouldn’t let me take any photos of him.

Christine Marie

I did the next best thing:  I posted a photo with his shadow in the background!

Tolga casually took this photo of the people and lions at the MGM.

Christine Marie

Yellow flowers in Las Vegas, the city we call home.

I had to plead with Tolga to take this photo because it drove him crazy to even consider it.

He said, “What’s the point of the picture?”

Obviously, there’s a pink rose in it. You might have to be me to see what a good point that is.

Christine Marie

Tolga thinks photos of flowers are uncreative. He likes shots like the one below.


He prefers to think things out, consider the lighting and the background,

set up the shot… photographer things.

Christine Marie

This is a Tolga shot too, but it’s nothing compared to his more artistic and creative photos

soon to be going on HIS blog (coming soon.)

Christine Marie

The cosmopolitan me.

If there’s a dog, I’m so in.

Christine Marie

You’re right, it’s diet Mountain Dew. Mybad.

Christine Marie

Show me your eyes, Christine.

Christine Marie

Yes, I’m in love with the photographer.

Las Vegas Boulevard is amazing. There’s a vast and varied universe right within walking distance.

This is the Statue of Liberty at New York, New York.

Feel free to download it and use it in your blog if it works.

In contrast to the perfect Ms. Liberty, we also have this on the Las Vegas Strip:

This gentle, eccentric homeless man dedicates his time to caring for these pigeons.

We call him Alfred Pigeon. He lives for the pigeons.

He named them all and knows them by name. He calls them his babies.

We hope to find him again…

…somewhere near The Strip. He could be anywhere. Look at all the rooms.

So many empty rooms, but not a spare room for Alfred Pigeon?

Something’s wrong with this picture.

Christine Marie

Sometimes I feel guilty for being so happy when I know others are still suffering.

I wish I had more to give.

Tolga took this photo in front of Mandalay Bay. This bee is busy pollinating and  renewing life.

His name is Mandalay Bee.

In a nearby bush, Tolga found also found Mr. Love Bug.

However, across the street from Mandalay Bay and Mandalay Bee

and Mr. Love Bug, life has not flourished so vibrantly.

Christine Marie

Lots of businesses are in ruins. It’s easy for me to pose here smiling,

but it’s sobering to remember that this was someone’s dream once.

On top of the a hotel, a flag is the sign of freedom and hope in the land of opportunity.

This worn out motel sign represents a different story, also American. Life is hard.

Sometimes people take a wrong turn and find themselves trapped in a life they never imagined.

Las Vegas is known for that too.

Christine Marie

So as Tolga and I celebrate getting engaged and begin planning a wedding in Las Vegas,

we know that there’s a lot to think about besides us.

Christine Marie

That’s why I don’t take my love or my life or my blessings for granted.

Christine Marie

Things could have been dramatically different for me.

Getting married to an extraordinary man like Tolga Katas is a dream come true for me.

I’ve waited a long time for my knight in shining armor.  Thank you God.

You just never give up on us, do you?







But what about Alfred Pigeon?

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