I Performed at England’s Royal Albert Hall. Sort of.


Photoblog: England a couple weeks ago. I met with John Hyde  who showed me around a bit of London to help calm my nerves before my crazy stint at Royal Albert Hall. John is  the talented musician who produced the sparkling children’s songs for my  Gingerbread CD.

I thought I was qualified to stay in a royal mansion, but nope.

Management apparently thought otherwise.

Christine Marie

I was so excited to see a double decker bus! 

I’ve wanted to ride in a double-decker bus ever since I saw The Spice Girls Movie

with Kandice-Now-Lola, who watched it over &  over. (She still watches it.) By the way

 I wore pink because I was hoping people would mistake me for Baby Spice.

No such luck. One young mum DID ask, “Aren’t you Baby Spice’s great grandma?”  Ugh.

I coughed on her.

Christine Marie Riding a double deck bus

Here I am in the top of a double decker bus!! 

It might seem as if no one wanted to sit by me, but actually the bus driver was just

trying to keep me safe from paparazzi. I think.

Christine Marie

From the top of the bus I saw these old-fashioned telephone booths!

I had to quickly zoom off the bus so I could  hug one  of these classic old red guys.

I didn’t know these contraptions existed any more.  So much cooler than Redbox!

 I couldn’t wait to show this pic to my old “phone phreak” hacker friend – John Draper.

I can just picture myself back in those days.

The phone booth era. Gone. Sad. All good things comes to an end too soon in America.

Maybe the Brits can’t get rid of  telephone booths completely until their country is crime free.

After all, where would Superman change?

Christine Marie

John Hyde and I grabbed a quick snack to enable me to do more London.  

 I couldn’t understand the menus AT ALL even though they were in English.

It fried my brain just trying to eat.  (Notice my Union Jack sunglasses. Yup.)

Christine Marie

Wow. It felt like home away from home!

Wait!  What is this? I thought what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

“Something is definitely fishy,” I thought. Then I got hungry for fish.

So I had lunch with my  scientific educator friend Peter and a few other lovely people.

Look at what we ate.

Peter ate fish and chips like a proper Englishman, and I ate Flounder from The Little Mermaid.

Poor guy.

Here I am the only one standing up at Picadilly Circus, waiting for the elephants and clowns to show up.

 I had no idea that Picadilly Circus wasn’t actually  a circus. Did you know that?

This was the first time I had ever been to England.  I even had a spiritual experience I think.

The Albert Memorial opened in 1872. It is quite a special place.

For decades now I thought my lifetime of angelic deeds and good works

went unnoticed and unrewarded by God.  Apparently I was wrong.


Christine Marie

Me in front of the Albert Memorial.

 I was unexpectedly blessed with superpowers from on high and suddenly

I was able to lift the entire Albert Memorial with one hand!  I felt like an X-Man!

Unfortunately, “Monument Lifting” is not a very practical superpower to have.

Come to think of it, I feel sort of jipped actually.  God confuses me.

christine marie

Shopping in London

Now back to more substantial issues. Like fashion.

Notice the Union Jack leggings I bought for Ms. Lola Blanc. By the way, a few days later

when I called Lola on my cell phone & told her what I got her, everyone in the London airport

could hear her squealing with delight.  (Luckily, admin just thought it was intercom feedback.)

This is me about to enter an amazing British pub.

This is me about to enter an astonishingly killer British pub. 

Here I am announcing my presence to the British citizens in case anyone wanted autographs.

As you can see, the only person that cared to take action was the security guard on the left.

Christine Marie

I had a diet Coke with John Hyde’s daughter Ellie. 

Ellie sang the smash hit song – “I Love Yellow”  for the Gingerbread children’s music CD.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, or if you just want to brush up on your colors,

I’ve provided a link for you right here:  “I Love Yellow.

LISTEN NOW.  You’ll love it.

This, by the way, is what John Hyde looks like when he’s back in his village producing music.

And on that note (get it?) ,on that “note” let’s go to Royal Albert Hall.

Christine Marie

I had to gawk at the Royal Albert Hall.  I didn’t realize how big it actually was.

  I had my speaker phone on in the corner, trying to explain to Tolga how big the hall was.

“It’s sooo big,” I told him.  “How big is it?”  he asked, desperate for details.

“It’s really, really big!  It’s this big!” I exclaimed, trying to show him with my arms.

But he couldn’t see what I was doing since he was just a voice on the phone.

So I quickly corrected myself. “”Wait, no! It’s even bigger than how far my arms go!”

At that point Tolga understood precisely how enormous it was.

* * * * *   ♥    * * * * *

And finally…

Christine Marie

Here I am performing at the Royal Albert Hall. 


I accomplished my lifelong dream of singing and dancing at the Royal Albert Hall.

No one was watching, but so what?

I poured my heart & soul into my performance anyway – just in case Prince Harry drove by.

* * * * *   ♥    * * * * *

And by the way, my performance was breathtakingly spectacular. I was flawless.

When I was done, I even surprised myself with a standing ovation.

I was the only one clapping, but it still counts.

* * * * *   ♥    * * * * *

I couldn’t believe it!!  My first standing ovation. Wow.

* * * * *   ♥    * * * * *

So then I felt compelled to give myself an encore.

So I did. I was killer.

What an incredible trip it was.

* * * * *   ♥    * * * * *

Final Thought

I loved England, what little I could see of it during my one free day. I was hypnotized by the architecture, the history, the food names, the ancient pubs, the fashions, Harrod’s, the Victorian wallpaper with roses on it, the romance and oldness of everything.

If aesthetics were all that mattered, I think I would be delighted to live there – just to bask in the wonder of the environment.  And besides, I already have a truly devoted fan there.  Myself.
I love England so much, I guess that makes me an Anglophile.

I’m also an anthophile, a bibliophile and  a  heliophile. And I have arctophilia and photophilia.

Tolga, on the other hand, has nyctophilia, xerophilia (think Las Vegas), and technophilia.


So what about you?  What kind of PHILE are YOU?

I am actually interested to know.  






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