I Was a Cutie, No?


Actually, although my family thought I was adorable, my blue cat-eye glasses, lisp and general ugly-ducklingness was irresistible to bullies.  I went through my share of difficulties like millions of others, but I’m glad for it now.  I think that’s why today I have such a tender heart for children who are bullied.

It’s also why I involved my own children in school assemblies we did called “Too Cool to be Cruel.”

Teaching children to be kind to one another and to stand up for the underdog is a cause everyone on the planet should be active in. Granted, it’s not that easy to teach children to be sensitive to the feelings of others when so much of the world thrives on hurting and exploiting one another for personal gain.

But if every parent could be an activist in at least one cause that helps others, ultimately, it would make a difference.

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