Bridal Shower – Hollywood

Vintage floral antique background

I’m a little late on posting this, but here are some pics from my crazy fun bridal shower thrown for me in Hollywood by my bridesmaids. The ladies added endless lovely touches, from the flowers to the candles to the decorations in pink, even down to the plastic spoons. The games were fun too – as the pictures will attest.

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Christine Marie Bridal Shower 1

Click on the photo above and you can see these in a larger slide show format. Just tap the arrow on the bottom right.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 2

I didn’t expect a bridal shower because I’ve already been with Tolga for so long, plus it’s not my first marriage.  So this was extra special for me.

It was held at Kandice’s house. (Kandice aka Lola.) Sitting in the chair on the right is my beloved Annie Dorgan, one of the kindest, most creative & motivated young women in Hollywood.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 4a

A few of Lola’s lovely girlfriends were there too, in support of Lola’s mom who has far too many male geek friends, and far too few female friends. Every one of these young women is smart, sassy, funny & fun. First they had a trivia game on how well do you know Christine, then they wrote love advice on cards.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 5a

Andrea was the playful game leader – a role I’ve never seen her in before, but she was a riot.  Tawnya (above, fixing her hair) got in the groove of things too and even won a game or two. Andrea, by the way, is also a psychologist and the author of God’s Brothel, and Tawnya is a bonafide, working, Hollywood screenwriter for television.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 6a

One of the games was to dress the girls up in wedding dresses made of toilet paper. It was hilarious. And I was assured that not a square of TP would be wasted, but gathered up in a bag for use next to the potty until all contents were recycled.  Hmmm.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 7

Tatiana, whose partner was Emily, decided that Emily needed cording on her toilet paper gown, and so it came to be.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 8

Annie’s gown was the most beautiful in my opinion because she had a veil and, um, well, I was her stylist.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 9

Emily also had some killer earrings going on. On the bottom left is Tawnya adding some last minute touches before the judging.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 10

On the right, Emily is preparing a toilet paper bouquet. In the middle you can see that she tossed it. On the left, Kandice caught and is dutifully feigning joy.

The lineup of beauties. The judges decided that the winner of the toilet paper dress design contest was – Tawnya!

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 12

Presents included a divine cookie recipe batch, and a cookbook and spatula from Williams Sonoma, compliments of Miss T.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 13

Vintage earrings, perfume, a pink cupcake Christmas ornament – I loved every little thing. Everything. The pink gift bags, pink bows and striped boxes. The cookies.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 15

And the flowers – pink roses.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 16

Girls, girls, girls. Estrogen becomes me.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 17

Afterwards Miss Lily donned a hat, Miss Lola & Tatiana donned pink wigs, and off to the movies we trotted.  We watched a long-distance love movie, “Like Crazy,” which drove them crazy and made them all want to hang out with boys that night.  Below is Lola with her super-together and cute roommate Dani.  Below that is a photo of Lola, “handsome George” as they call him, and the adorable Tatiana.

Christine Marie Bridal Shower 18

I am grateful for this very sweet bridal shower that meant so much to me.  It’s truly a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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