Pink Tea Parties

From “Aunt Babette’s Cook Book,” 1889

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“Pink Teas,” just now so fashionable, are rather novel if carried out to the letter, and an expensive way of entertaining, too; yet, as the old saying is, one might as well be dead as out of fashion.
So all those who wish to be fashionable come and listen, and I will give you a few hints in regard to getting up a ‘Pink Tea.’ As a matter of course the table linen should be pink; the dishes also of a delicate pink shade, which you may borrow for the occasion. Arrange the white cakes on high cake-stands, lined with fancy pink paper, or pink napkins, and put the pink frosted cakes on low cake stands lined with fancy white paper or napkins.

The flowers for decoration must also be of pink. Serve the creams and ices in novel designs made of pink paper, such as baskets, boxes, buckets, freezers, cups and saucers, shells, wheelbarrows, vases, etc. You may procure these and many more beautiful designs at almost any fashionable caterer’s. Each guest should have a pink boutonniere, or a white hyacinth, tied home as souvenirs.

A handsome center-piece for the table is indispensable, so get a large fruit stand and trim it prettily with ferns, smilax and flowers, or have an ornament of spun sugar for a center-piece. If you live where there are no caterers you may try this: make a large nest of macaroons, oval in shape, join the macaroons with sugar boiled until it candies; have this filled with charlotte russe and resting on a rock of spun sugar. You may color the charlotte russe pink; the effect will be beautiful, for the spun sugar will look like crystal. Your waitress should wear a pink cap and a pink apron. Illuminate the table pink ‘fairy lamps’ or a chandelier of candles.

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