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A hypercreative, entrepreneurial, pink-loving womanchild bumbling around in a world full of eccentric geeks, hackers, digital innovators, budding pop stars & creative geniuses.

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I’m a connector. I run a blogazine & a ‘tech company,’ zoom around in social media & thrive in business start-ups. I brainstorm. I mom & blog & market. I have an MB A. I love children, books, puppets, animals, gingerbread & vintage everything, even computers.


My last name is legally a heart, as in the heart symbol ♥.  It’s true.  The story behind how that beautiful mistake happened is HERE.

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I’m a guinea pig/model/muse for Tolga’s creative photography. Pig is good.  Photographer’s Indestructible Girl – because I’m the one on hand when he has a photography brainstorm. Hence, he has thousands of photos of me – and this may or may not be good. Granted, not all women begin modeling after they’ve raised their children, but  hey, I’m a late bloomer.
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Preventing child abuse through parent education, promoting literacy, fighting human trafficking, battling cult leaders, empowering single mothers & vulnerable women.


Founder ✒ Technorazzi ♞ Interactive Marketing ♻ Digital MishMasher ☁ Social Media Goof ♻ Technology Evangelist ✿ Mommy Blogger ✎ Parent Educator ✄ Gingerbread Lover ❤ IPTV Nerd ☯ Media Producer ★ Idealist ✚ Feminine Tech Queen ♛ Children’s Literacy Advocate ❤ Baby Nurturer ☤ Geek Promoter ✔ Creativity Manager ☂ Mother of Invention ⚡   Flower Photographer ❀ Uber Networker ♼ Graphic Designer ❖ Web Master ♣ Author ☛ Pink Lover  ♥ Believer ✤
You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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My Babies:

Christine Marie with her children

I am the proud mother of four sweet, wonderful, animal-loving children

  For more about my own family and where I came from, Click  Here.

In Summary: Conservative, naive, fun-loving girl from the country grows up,  makes a boatload of bumbling mistakes, has 4 gifted, colorful & challenging children who also grew up, and here she is now:: a hypercreative, semi-eccentric kindergarten teacher/tech evangelist/blogger and entrepreneur with a playful sense of humor and a love of puppets.

And she just married her knight in shining armor – an extraordinary, workaholic digital/creative/music/photography/software genius with a Mountain Dew addiction and an irresistable zest for life.
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Christine Marie ♥
now Mrs. Tolga Katas!


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Christine Marie

Love u! Christine Marie ♥

Christine Marie

My angelic skin is an illusion but I love it - thank you Photoshop!

Christine Marie

Dreaming to own one of these someday


Me with one of my puppets

Christine Marie