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Motivate Your Child With a Happy Shark!

If you have a young child that doesn’t listen very well, trying motivating him through positive reinforcement, like a sticker chart. A sticker chart is simply a visual graph that help the child to see that he did something he was supposed to do.  This reminds the child that he succeeded once – and that […]


Easter Bunny Craft

I couldn’t resist. Last night Tolga and I went to AM/PM looking for paper plates so I can make another bunny project, but they had no paper plates. The inventive employee, however, gave me a little stack of hot dog papers instead. I realized they might make perfect bunny ears for a different project, so […]

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Homemade Paper Easter Basket & Fingerplay

Make a paper Easter basket and decorate it with your child or grandchild to delight your child’s heart! This post includes the crafts and directions, along with a fingerplay about sharing. Bonny Bunny – Fingerplay by Christine Marie ❤ Here is Bonny Bunny She likes to hop and play. Here is Billy Bunny He likes […]


Handprint Chickee

  Here’s a bright, fresh spring project that you can do with your child, (or geek – as in my case since since these are actually Tolga’s handprints.) Labeling art projects will help your child associate writing with fun. 


Bunny Story Art Frames

Print and cut out the bunny frame of your choice. Place the bunny head and arms on the top of a child’s story or piece of artwork, then place the feet on the bottom as indicated. You can download the patterns in a variety of pastel colors.


Bunny Gift Tags

Here are some gift tags that you can print to go along with your Easter baskets or other gifts. So what is the real meaning of Easter anyway? This is the season of holy days: Passover, Pascua, Holy Friday and Easter Sunday. For many Christians, the ritual of this Easter weekend will be punctuated by […]