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Advertisers Reaching Out to Wired Moms

“As the family’s chief purchasing officer, mothers are VIPs to marketers. And to reach moms, marketers are wise to invest in digital advertising.” eMarketer The results of a survey regarding advertising to moms was recently published in eMarketer. It turns out that mobile usage is the most common way to reach Moms, even over television. […]


Blogging Tips: WordPress Basics

I used to do personalized tutorials on blogging and social media, but I was on the phone so many hours I almost pulled my hair out. in the interest of saving time and helping more moms with their blogs, I’ve decided to publish tips.


Alphabet Phonics Folders

These days there are all kinds of creatively decorated file folders that come in a variety of sizes. The gingham folders shown in this photo are the size of a large recipe card. Make 26 folders – one for each letter of the alphabet. Paste an upper and lower case letter on the inside of […]


File Folder Letter Matching Game

Make a homemade file folder game to help children match upper case letters to lower case letters. To make this game you will need: A file folder Construction paper Glue Clear contact paper Scissors Markers Sticky velcro

Christine Marie blogging

Blogging: Find your Niche & Voice.

Social media tip: Remember the 80-20 twitter rule, 80% information/entertainment 20 sales. Also remember content rules “Google search + Cut & Paste” will not get anywhere!