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Pink Tea Parties

From “Aunt Babette’s Cook Book,” 1889 “Pink Teas,” just now so fashionable, are rather novel if carried out to the letter, and an expensive way of entertaining, too; yet, as the old saying is, one might as well be dead as out of fashion. So all those who wish to be fashionable come and listen, […]


Advertisers Reaching Out to Wired Moms

“As the family’s chief purchasing officer, mothers are VIPs to marketers. And to reach moms, marketers are wise to invest in digital advertising.” eMarketer The results of a survey regarding advertising to moms was recently published in eMarketer. It turns out that mobile usage is the most common way to reach Moms, even over television. […]


Motivate Your Child With a Happy Shark!

If you have a young child that doesn’t listen very well, trying motivating him through positive reinforcement, like a sticker chart. A sticker chart is simply a visual graph that help the child to see that he did something he was supposed to do.  This reminds the child that he succeeded once – and that […]