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Photo Therapy

Since I haven’t posted photos or blogged in forever, I guess it’s obvious that I’ve lost my life spark.  I just haven’t been up to trying to be funny and happy and brimming with ideas when something from the past came into the present, blind-sided me, sent me into an emotional tailspin, and enveloped me […]


Bunny Gift Tags

Here are some gift tags that you can print to go along with your Easter baskets or other gifts. So what is the real meaning of Easter anyway? This is the season of holy days: Passover, Pascua, Holy Friday and Easter Sunday. For many Christians, the ritual of this Easter weekend will be punctuated by […]


Feminine Backgrounds

I have a few feminine backgrounds here that I made in Photoshop. Tolga made me the heart in Maya and I just love it. These graphics are copyright-free so you can use them however you wish. I will be adding lots more on this very same page (instead of as separate blog posts,) so check […]