My Family

Elevator Speech. I’m a hyper-creative, entrepreneurial, education-loving, genius-promoting, female with an eccentric, innovative family, a couple of tech companies and a busload of geeky friends. I advocate early children’s literacy, ventriloquism & other forms of puppetry, the color pink, the feminine web, high-end digital creativity. And gingerbread. I am the mother of 4 children, a line of children’s characters & a chihuahua princess named Bambi that I always dress in pink. And I have Tolga who is my Turkish prince, my love, & my laugh factory. Living with him is like rooming with the entire Apple development team sleep on my floor.

Me. I grew up in a postcard-picturesque, wooded river town in Michigan called Croton Dam, with a year-around population of 500? My first real job was making ice cream edibles at the Croton Galley when I was 14. I also babysat, trained horses and cared for animals. My father was a salesman with an entrepreneurial spirit, a love of animals and a heart for children. He was also quite an animated storyteller and a pillar in our community. He was involved in endless worthy civic activities. He was on the school board, township supervisor, president of the Lions’ Club, Citizen of the Year, etc. I suppose that’s why – for me – being involved in a dizzying number of projects seems perfectly normal and makes me feel wonderfully alive.

My Mom & Tim at his college graduation

Besides, I’m a mother. Mothers’ brains are wired for multitasking, remember? My mom was the ultimate multi-tasker, child tutor, volunteer and do-it-yourself mom. She still is, actually. She’s cooks fabulous homemade meals daily, unlike moi. She gardens, cans, sews, does crafts, knits, paints, wallpapers, you name it. She was a bookkeeper by day, a creative genius by night, and a humanitarian on the weekends.

SO my parents set the example, but I mastered demand-overload by raising the most creative and energetic batch of offspring on the planet.

So don’t tell me to focus, k? Otherwise I might –

a. Remind you that I am me, not you. And I can do what I want, thank you.

b. Assume you’re a man. (And I’ll think that you secretly wish you were me.)

c. Remind you that I have completed zillions of things – from idea to finished product or project – so REMEMBER that multitasking is not a synonym for “never getting anything done.” Not that I get everything done, but I get a lot done.

d. Or I could tell you to read Concrete Evidence That Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men.

I rest my case.

Just kidding.You might be right actually. (I’m rambling. Sorry.)

My Mom and Dad. The graphic below is oversized on purpose. I like it like that – my parents deserve to stick out.

When my mom would get an idea for a project that involved electronics or woodworking, my dad would go into the basement and make it for her.

They made the wildest things together, those two. One year Dad made my mom a robotic Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus for the yard that would wave to people driving by during the holidays. She made the clothes and the faces. The Santa couple didn’t really look human, but they made people curious about the moving red blobs in Charlie and Dorothy’s yard.

My parents both loved to read and they instilled that in us. They were best friends, always goofing off and having fun.

One Brother, Two Sisters

I have three siblings. Mike, my older brother, is a rock musician and does computer programming. He turned out to be smarter than anybody gave him credit for in high school, ha! He’s married to Heidi, the love of his life, and they have beautiful dogs together. Mike & Heidi live in a cabin on the side of a mountain in Missouri.

Suzi is my younger sister. She married Lonnie (thanks to me) and is an entrepreneur. Suzi and Lonnie have four children – Josh, Willie, and Danny and they adopted a precious baby girl from China. They also have Matthew (Willie’s twin) as a forever part of their family. Although he left this earth as a baby due to SIDS, he has been watching the family activities from Heaven ever since.

Suzi is a bubbly, driven, supermom and she’s also a Mommy Blogger. READ HER BLOG HERE. Lonnie, by the way, is buff. He’s also Tolga’s ideal for a manly man because A. he can excavate, hunt, & fish, and B. he built the log cabin they live in. Himself. What Tolga can do in software, Lonny can do in dirt.

Pam and her girls, minus Landri

Pam is my fun-loving, beautiful, sweetheart baby sister who is also the adoring mother of four gorgeous girls – Landri, Kayleigh, Miranda and Samara. Aside from her day job, Pam is a cheerleading coach and a darned good one at that. Her cheerleading squads have won lots of awards. Pam is easy to love and full sparkles and warmth.

Suzi, Pam and my mom still live in the same town where we grew up – Croton. (See above.) I miss Croton.

Tolga and Christine - piggyback ride

My Children

Currently I live in Las Vegas with Tolga. I have four children who grew up too fast: Christian – a hilarious guy, T-shirt designer, and a filmmaker in embryo with creativity from another planet; Tim – an elementary teacher in Venezuela who is also skateboards, makes videos and is an uberwitty blogger; Kandice – a gifted, talented, fun-loving, singer/songwriter and actress who is a rising superstar in Hollywood.

And then there’s my baby Emerson, now 19. In his college classes he aced every class involving numbers or money, and is destined to be the next Donald Trump. He was also stupendous as a gamer. (Actually, all the boys were #1 gamers in their day and still hold records. Bad mom! Bad! Bad!) Now he’s preparing to go on a mission for the Mormon church.

Oh well. I home-schooled my children when they were younger, they were rarely allowed TV. Ever. They were all literate at a very young age and when they were older. they loved the online strategy games. READ THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS. (Take out the violence, and video games can allegedly make children smarter. Or so they say in THAT, THAT, THAT & THAT.)

Nonetheless, my children are – for the most part – amazing, kind, unselfish, creative, funny, thinking people. Occasionally one or two exhibit demented humor or swear words (which I don’t like), but if you met them, I think you would like them, or at least be amused. Or maybe confused.

About me? Well, here’s how I sum myself up on my Twitter bio:

CEO, Founder ✒ Technorazzi ☁ iMediaCandy ♻ Digital MishMasher ♚ Social Media Mom ♻ Software Maker ♛ Blogger ✎ Educator ★ Gingerbread ❤ IPTV Nerd ☯ Feminine Web ✿

People say I am a natural-born people-connector, promoter, marketer. I have a B.S. in Psychology and I received my MBA in 2008.

On the tech side I love digital branding, software innovation, social media, digital marketing. I sort of pseudo-manage some geeky people.

I’m also involved in some film/TV/music production projects and it’s a stimulating new challenge.

Throw in my love of babies, children, storybooks, teaching children to read, and puppetry and cupcakes as an art form and that pretty much makes me a near-ideal human being – except that I can’t keep my car clean and I lose everything in my purse and I trust people too easily even if they’re about to serial kill me or my dreams. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the flaw department. Which is my biggest department.

Oh well. One challenge at a time.


Kissing my son Tim




Pam, me, mom, Kayleigh holding my niece, Miranda, Suzi

My neice Landri and her baby Gabe


That’s me for now. Welcome to Christine Marie .Me

Christine Marie ❤

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