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Founder and editor, Technorazzi Magazine


Various trailers for TV shows, sales letters, marketing documents, Internet content, business plans.

The 2,000 Year Old Sales Technique That Never Fails, Sales and Marketing Successletter, p. 6-9, vol. 3

How to Write Killer Classified Ads, Sales and Marketing Successletter, p. 14-16;
Putting Magic Into Your Marketing Materials: Seven Secrets You Can Steal From David Copperfield, Sales and Marketing Successletter, p. 8-11, vol. 3, 4
Sales Training Manual – Lancie Cosmetics, NYC
Using Your Calendar – Upline Mag. p. 18, Oct.

How To Stay Calm, Strategies For Parents, Grand Rapids Parent Magazine
Circle of Champions, teenage motivational program, Applebrook

Parenting Success Program, motivational program, Applebrook
Motivating Kids To Be Obedient, Respectful-Audiotape


How To Be A Patient, Positive Parent-Audio, Applebrook Sales Training Manual – Homequest Inc., UT.
Teaching Children To Listen The First Time, Offspring, p. 18-21; 2

Editor, Parenting Plus Newsletter, Cooperation Kit, Applebrook Family Enrichment Network, Fremont, MI. Other Applebrook publications:
Starting Right–Handbook For Early Learning Success. As part of a unique multi-sensory learning program called Early Learning Success, I wrote 9 Bible storybooks. Each title came with an “interactive unit” packed with educational activities.

Starting Right–Handbook For Early Learning Success

The Creation
Noah’s Ark
Moses and the Pharoah
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
David and Goliath
Jonah and the Whale
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
Jesus Blesses the Children
Jesus is Risen

The Apple Tree Motivator
The Kindness Kit
The Cooperation Kit

Tips – Conferencing With Kids, Ideas to Teach Children to Respect the Earth, Instructor Magazine

Editor, Motivated Mother Newsletter


Humor Columnist: Augsburg Express, Germany, Manassas Journal