My Last Name is a Heart

It’s true, and here’s the story: Years ago when I divorced, I decided to legally change my name to “Christine Marie” – the name I went by as a children’s book author. When I signed my name on the state’s name-change papers, I added a heart after my signature – like I always did.

Christine Marie ❤

When the papers came back, to my surprise, there was a heart after my name. I thought it was just a sweet thing someone did. However, during the sale of my farm, the attorneys involved checked with the state, then informed me that I had to add hearts to all my signatures to make them legal. Without them, we could not close the sale. So I added all the hearts, my beloved farm now belonged to someone else, I started a new life.

That was the day that I learned that my last name was a heart symbol. Officially. It’s not on my driver’s license though, because the DMV folks said they didn’t have the ability to add a non-letter. Oh well.  Prince’s symbol name wasn’t on his driver’s license either – as far as I know. He was “the artist formerly known as Prince.”

So I am “Christine Marie with a heart.”

There are millions of Christine Marie’s in the world, and when you search “Christine Marie” on Google, it’s hard to find me. But if you did find me, and decided to business with me, technically, I am supposed to sign all my legal documents with a heart after my name.  You might take that to mean that I love you, or love the deal, and I probably do.

In reality, it’s just that my legal name is spelled like this: Christine Marie ❤.

So now you know.